1990 / Two Fridas in Galería Bucci

Location: The Bucci Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

Date: circa July 1990.

Documentation: Ulises Nilo

Other People/Associations: Luis Alarcón-Zapallo (technical work).

Institution: Galería Bucci

Description: In July of 1990, the Yeguas del Apocalipsis put on what would be their first and only solo exhibit at the Galería Bucci, located on Huérfanos Street in downtown Santiago, which remained open to the public only for a single day, in accordance with the artists’ policy (and politics) of creating ephemeral interventions. There Pedro Lemebel and Francisco Casas remained seated in a single pose, staging the eponymous Frida Kahlo painting. Both wearing make-up, their torsos bare, with oil paintings on their chest and held in their hands. The tableau vivante was carried out behind a transparent plastic curtain, onto which an image of the original painting was projected. The photograph taken by Pedro Marinello was made available as a postcard, designed by the artist Carlos Altamirano, for the audience to take with them.