1990 / Place two sparrows like pigeons on a wire

Location: Photography studio of Pedro Marinello, Santiago, Chile.

Date: 1991

Documentation: Pedro Marinello

Description: After the intervention at the Cuerpos Contigentes exhibit at CESOC, the Yeguas del Apocalipsis arranged a photoshoot with photographer Pedro Marinello, which they eventually titled Place Two Sparrows Like Pigeons on a Wire. Pedro Lemebel poses with a headdress of ostrich feathers and Francisco Casas with a black veil, both wearing make-up, dressed in fishnets and with stuffed birds on their arms and heads. The photographer took pictures of the duo in various poses and with an air of extreme mourning. In contrast to the purposefully crass interruption of the Cuerpos Contingentes exhibit, the photography session lent aesthetic drama and symbolism to the group’s fatal message about HIV-AIDS.