1991 / From nostalgia

Location: Normandy Art Cinema, Santiago, Chile.

Date: August 19, 1991

Event: The Closing of Normandy Art Cinema

Documentation: Enzo Blondel, Álvaro Hoppe, Jorge Aceituno, Claudia Román.

Institution: Cine Arte Normandie, Santiago, Chile.

Description: On August 19, 1991, during the final film screening at Normady Art Cinema, the Yeguas del Apocalipsis created an homage to the cinema’s storied location on the Alameda. The performance took place as the credits rolled for the film The Adventures of Baron Muchausen (1988). After watching the film together with the rest of the audience, Pedro Lemebel and Francisco Casas dressed up in lace, gowns, and make-up before intervening in the space. They said goodbye to the theater that was closing its doors by crying induced, artificial tears and staging a spoof of both the North American movie industry and its celebrities. They peed on a couple of stars, drawn on the floor prior to the performance, as they left the room. Then, as if making a red-carpet exit, they left the building, waving at the audience from the back of a car as it drove away.