1991 / AIDS Day in Concepción

On the first of December, 1991, as part of a movement organized by the World Health Organization, the government of Chile celebrated National Aids Day. In Santiago, various official events were held at the presidential palace,  led by Minister of Health Jorge Jiménez, the nine subsecretaries who comprised the Interministerial Commision on AIDS, and Carlos Oviedo, the archbishop of Santiago. The city of Conception also joined the movement, holding a series of activities put on by both NGOS and the Regional Secretary of the Ministry of Health. The Centro de Educación y Prevención en Salud Social y Sida (Center for Public Health Education and Prevention of AIDS, or CEPSS), led by Christian Rodríguez and one of the main organizations in the city dedicated to taking HIV/AIDS-related political action, held workshops on information and empowerment for different sectors of the community. The Center also participated in a cultural activity organized by various NGOS at the University of Concepción, and, within this context, the Yeguas del Apocalipsis were invited by CEPSS to join the activities marking International AIDS Day. Pedro Lemebel and Francisco Casas joined the march through the street of Concepción, holding a banner with the slogan, “Día mundial del sida compartiendo el desafío” (“International AIDS Day, sharing the challenge”), and performed Homage to Sebastián Acevedo at the School of Journalism building.