1989 / Two Fridas

Location: Photography Studio of Pedro Marinello, Santiago, Chile.

Date: circa December 1989

Documentation: Pedro Marinello

Description: Two Fridas is the restaging by Pedro Lemebel and Francisco Casas of Las Dos Fridas (Two Fridas, 1939), the painting by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The photographer Pedro Marinello captured the scene in a black-and-white photoshoot in his studio at the end of 1989. The Yeguas del Apocalipsis create a tableau vivant of the Mexican artist’s self-portrait, thus disputing the figure of Kahlo which, by the end of the eighties, had already been converted into a fetish of the art market. Pedro Lemebel and Francisco Casas appear seated and holding hands, connected by catheters for blood transfusion. Lemebel was seated to the right, wearing a skirt typical of Mexico, his torso bare and the image of a locked heart on his chest, and holding a small mirror in his hand. Casas, wearing a Victorian skirt and holding a figure of an open heart, was seated to the left with the catheter open over his lap.

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