1989 / Gone with Aids

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Location: Chilean-French Institute of Culture, Santiago, Chile.

Date: Novemeber 29, 1989.

Event: Art Interventions in the Urban Landscape

Documentation: Mario Vivado

Other People/Associations

Institution: Instituto Chileno Francés de Cultura

Description: In November of 1989, the Yeguas del Apocalipsis were invited by the Chilean-French Institute of Culture to participate in “Intervenciones Plásticas en el Paisaje Urbano” (Art Interventions in the Urban Landscape), an event that gathered a diverse group of artists together. Their proposal consisted of an installation in the entryway of the Institute, located on Merced Street, and would be titled Lo que el Sida se llevó (Gone with Aids). There they mounted a series of thirty photographs, taken and selected by the Chilean photographer Mario Vivado. During the photoshoot, the poses of both Pedro Lemebel and Francisco Casas were supervised by ballerina Magaly Rivano, and were intended as an homage to various cultural figures including Marilyn Monroe, Buston Keaton, and the sisters in “La Casa de Bernarda Alba,” by Federico García Lorca, among others. The Yeguas del Apocalipsis experimented with clothing items from the Persian market and from travesti friends (some of them the victims of HIV-AIDS), clothing items that, in their manner and cut, were reminiscent of Golden Age Hollywood. The wardrobe then formed part of the installation, exhibited alongside the staged images.