1989 / Don’t let sex under bridges die out!

Location: Santiago, Chile.

Date: August, 1989.

Event: Viva la Gente Festival

Documentation: Trauko Magazine n°16

Other People/Associations: The Communist Party of Chile

Description: Issue 16 of Trauko Magazine, August 1989, included an insertion on page 19 made by the Yeguas del Apocalipsis. The page shows a series of four photographs in which Pedro Lemebel and Francsico Casas take various provocative poses over an unmade bed and in a backyard hammock. A letter addressed to “mi niño querido” (my loving son) is also included, signed by the Yeguas del Apocalipsis, which describes an attempt by Casas and Lemebel to unfurl a canvas sign with the slogan “Homosexuals for Change” at the Viva la Gente Festival organized by the Communist Party in Santa Laura Statium on July 4, 1989.