1988 / Under the bridge

Location: Underground Passage of the Santa Lucía Hill / Mapocho Station Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile.

Event(s): The Corazones Duros Festival (the Hard Hearts Festival)

Documentation: Patricio Alarcón

Other People / Associations: The bands Fiskales Adhock, Necrosis, and Índice de Desempleo all participated, along with poets Jordi Lloret, Tatiana Cumsille, Felipe Moya, Malú Urriola, Victor Hugo Díaz, Sergio Parra, Guillermo Valenzuela, Carmen Berenguer, Crazo, and Jesús Sepúlveda; videoartists Enzo Blondel y Polo Correa; and photographers Ulises Nilo y Gonzalo Donoso.

Institution: Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho

Description: On October 28 and 29, 1988, the Yeguas del Apocalipsis made two interventions. The first began at the doors of the Central House at the Catholic University and continued down into the passageway that connects with Santa Lucía Hill, crossing under Alameda Avenue, which also serves as a zone for male prostitution. The second intervention occurred in the Mapocho Station Cultural Center, where the Corazones Duros Festival was taking place. This “performance” was staged in a dark room illuminated by a single moving lantern, a room in which Pedro Lemebel and Francisco Casas presented themselves nude, doing various acts—from caresses to physical blows, to covering their bodies with salt—alluding to violence against homosexuals. The audience included the musicians, writers, and artists listed above, as well as many from the underground scene.